PERSONAL 30 DAY AYURVERDA PANCHKARMA journey into re-juvenation

Sunday 27 November

Go Goddess is now done with her Self love in Motion and Panchakarma experience, she's off for 2 days to visit Ayurveda plantations, A Healing Center for Women and then fly back to Bali to meet with my teens....X yay   

Go Goddess is now done with her Self love in Motion and Panchakarma experience, she's off for 2 days to visit Ayurveda plantations, A Healing Center for Women and then fly back to Bali to meet with my teens....X yay


Well, needed to drive to Kochi and with the Government changes on the cash situation here in India to date, which has caused undue stress for travelers, so a chance arose to drive with a friend, so am leaving early this morning. Miss one last yoga session and the last pamper head oil massage. Off now to see a bit of India before flying out on Tuesday 29.

“When you free yourself from your regular patterns and happenings in life, you invite change to occur.
Energy shifts, thoughts evolve, newness begins.
It takes only one small change, to initiate a string of newness. And if you are clear on what you want, that change will inevitably lead y9ou to where you want to go.

It may not be immediate. It may not happen as you had thought it would. Quite often it can be even better than you imagined.

You must remain positive – or you bring in negative energy. You must remain grateful – even for life’s lessons. You must keep taking steps forward, no matter how small – simply so there is movement.
When you have movement – you will have change.
And sometimes, when something truly special happens, your change, can bring a movement. For the better.”
(Nat Davis)

Ear steaming using a jackfruit leaf rolled into cone shape with special smoke stick, then oil into ears

Ear steaming using a jackfruit leaf rolled into cone shape with special smoke stick, then oil into ears

Saturday 26 November

Second to last day of treatments. I am feeling accomplished that I didn’t drop out halfway through, this commitment to Self is something important to me, even when there were some really tough moments of wanting to scream out, hey, just give me a break, there was also an inner commitment to move beyond the mind and feel into the physical body, really tune in and know deeply that my soul has been yearning to take the quality time to honour and care for this physicality on all levels, if that makes sense. My natural gift to travel through multi dimensional worlds has also had time to BE as the energy here in this part of India is so welcoming for meditation, contemplation and sharing also with other practitioners here.

There will be lots of practical 3D things to do today, 3D being 3 dimensional as in the earthly to do lists, of pre packing my bags, organising payment of the accommodation, preparing for my two days travel before I fly out from TRV airport back to Bali to welcome my beautiful teens, cannot wait to see them !!!

More shirodara head oil treatment tonight, can hardly wait!! I have fallen in love with the young dedicated therapists, who are two childhood close friends, two young woman of about 19 years old, they are so pure and tender in their being and work long hours with unconditional love and sharingtheir skills.

Then last minute packing for the journey to ayurveda plantations, meeting directors of Ayurveda labs and offering energetic grid work and sacred clearing and blessing to the land that will become home to New Earth India haven. Thanks to Sacha Stone for connecting me with Anil Joseph, New Earth india here in Kochi.

"If you could aspire to anything, we would ask you to become impeccable Keepers of Frequency. Keep inside yourself knowledge and information of the highest order, and order of unlimited being. Make that frequency, simply by living it, available to all around you by walking your streets, shopping in your stores, and simply resting on your pillows in the evening and knowing who you truly are." -Barbara Marciniak

IMG_5325 (1).jpg

Friday 25 November

No yoga permitted this morning for some reason before the Enema procedure, not quite sure why.

Early morning meditations and then off to the Ayurveda Centre to have the medicated herbal enema with special prepared food afterwards to keep the body in enough energy. These experiences are not only of course cleansing for myself, they are helpful when working with my clients to have firsthand experience of these procedures. How can we truly give guidance and informative information if we have not been there ourselves? I was given bed rest however where I am staying there is quite a bit of noise in the morning and so my bed rest was at the beach in the sun, taking in nature’s rays of life and drinking fresh fruit juices. The beauty of the Arabian Sea in front of me touched me deeply and I give gratitude for each and every step the journey I am on. Also to observe different cultures at the beach, how they play with nature, share with their families and here at Varkala Beach there are pujas going on for the Indian families to find peace for their deceased loved one’s, rituals for them to release the ashes into the water in certain areas designated for this practise. If only I could understand their language!

This evening I had another session which was kindly organised by my doctor Dr Priya, where her husband, also an Ayurvedic doctor came and did a type of acupressure on my back – followed by Sirodhara.

‘Sira’ means head and ‘Dhara’ is the continuous flow of a liquid. In this process, some herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated butter milk etc are poured on a forehead in a special method for about 40 minutes. This was the most deep relaxation I have ever experienced, the slow rhythmic movement of oil down over the forehead and third eye was incredible soothing and almost trance like so I was entering a state of deep meditation and relaxation.

I love walking at night along the dusty earthen lanes, with the tall coconut trees left and right and the calm warm balmy air and peace and quiet. Makes my heart sing.

Thursday 24 November

‘Ayuvereda provides both curative and preventative measures towards optimal physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The word ‘Ayuverda’ is Sanskrit for ‘Knowledge of Life’.

Not only am I noticing more about myself and my constitution and how best to manage my own energy levels, for maintaining optimum health, I am also expanding in my own awareness, wisdom, more deeper compassion for those close to me by understanding deeper their differences and their similarities…

Although I had my moments fronting up every day at 8am to private yoga, I now am realising today, as I only have two more sessions left, how much I have grown within and learnt the asanas in detail and perfecting my sun salutations. Being used to group yoga it was for me quite an adjustment to have a teacher, watching my every move!!! It bought up some childhood stuff for me about doing things right and perfect, especially with a man watching over me, all good to work through and release…!

‘More than medical care, Ayuverda offers a philosophy whereby one may prevent unnecessary suffering and live a long and healthy live’ Ayuverda has undergone continuous research, development and refinement over the past 5,000 years.

Ayuverda employs judicious application of nutritional guidance, herbal medicines, exercise therapy and many special rejuvenation and purification therapies. Ayuverda is a person oriented system of healing.


Today I will be receiving a very special one off body treatment with unique prepared rice and herbal ingredients in poultice bags used on the body, bringing also the body into sweat, and then also a facial pack. Looking forward now to the more gentle treatments.

Feeling accomplished that I have stayed on the programme, turned up each day, many people stop halfway through as it is intense indeed, however my soul and spirit feel fortified and this is truly for me self love in motion X

On the creative side, I have had incredible encounters down at Varkala Cliff meeting exactly the right artisans who also channel through galactical consciousness, light language codes – so am creating the first sample of my sacred jewellery with a very beautiful soul indeed, watch the space!!!

MEDITATING AND SENDING PRAYERS to all the craziness in the world right now, high alert for terrorist attacks in Germany and Europe, Earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, peace and harmony, love for Planet EarthX

Wednesday 23 November

Whew, getting there, started off the day at 6.30am with a conference call lead by Henare O’Brien for our GameChanger VIP group to ask questions, share and hear what is progressing and shifting for us after the Bali GamechangerLive experience.

Blessings to the internet here that the connection remained stable throughout!

Was a motivating uplifting call to action and also it has felt supportive to re-member ourselves to the deep transformative time we had together. I chose to have one day off yoga, listening to my body temple and feeling like it needed a restorative time simple doing stretches in my room and taking time alone. Treatments today included more Kirri, with lemon infused poultice’s for the skin, pedicure, nasal irrigation for the third and last time and also oil massage. I had set the intention to go to the beach in the afternoon and the do some writing, however another headache after the nasal irrigation – all part of the purging process – so plans went out the window and instead I took 3 hours lying on my bed to recover and adjust from this purge, felt emotional so allowed myself to release the tears. So much came up for me, this journey has taught me a lot about myself, forgiveness, releasing and gratitude. Again ceremony and ritual in everyday life can be experienced first hand here in India, the energy here in Varkala is grounded and powerful, beautiful artisans creating their wares and fisherman bringing home their catch of ultra fresh fish from the Arabian Sea. Magic.

In the evening I managed to see the sunset along the cliff front, met up with Shirin, an awesome yoga teacher goddess, and we had a lot of interactive fun negotiating and communicating

I believe fresh water to be the gold of the future – watching daily how the therapists could clean my entire body of all the herbal residues, wash my hair and condition it, all with one bucket of warm water, we in the western world can surely learn from water preservation in a good way, we waste so much with our fancy showers, deep baths and take a lot for granted.

The book given to me by my yoga teacher has been awesome to read, here are the details if you are looking to understand more about Traditional Ayuverdic living in a simple understandable way:

‘Prakriti’ Your Ayuverdic Constitution ISBN 81-208-1840-7


Tuesday 22 November

Reflecting on how i even came to Varkala Beach, for ages it was a stab in the dark where to do a month long retreat, and it was my dear friend i had met in Bali, doing some photos for him as he was performing musically at Akasha New Earth Haven near Ubud. He was so sweet and did a vedic astrology reading for me - Peter Vshaka - i can highly recommend his readings and services, they are very accurate and he delivers with great love, peace and joy and is there to connect with anytime for further updates or services if needed. This area Kerala is a strong geographical line location for me at this time astrologically and i can really feel that being here on the land.

Up early this morning off for a coconut, early morning walk and then yoga. had a total blob afternoon yesterday needed solitude and peace, sleep to cope with the effects and clearing of the nasal irrigation. This morning i will continue on as the benefits i know are huge it's a matter of commitment and trusting. The medication will be changed so we shall see....

Monday 21 November

As I gave thanks for my upcoming day early this morning, I had a strong desire to connect with my family back in New Zealand. This ended up being a ‘telepathic connection’ as try as I did, the skype calls would not go through. India live. Yoga again showed me today the vital need for focused ‘breath’ time, sounds obvious however without a practice like yoga I wonder how this would really take place on a daily basis. I was asked to go to my therapists earlier today to receive my first nasal irrigation, called ‘Nasyam’. I thought this would be a quick 10 minute thing, however what an experience. Apart from being unpleasant, the special Ayuverdic liquid affected my head, sinuses (of course, as the goal is to clear and cleanse through all these cavities) and I felt quite unwell afterwards. This is written however not to put you all off nasal irrigation, as I write this evening with a clear clear sinus system and do feel the benefits of the treatment. I followed on with my next ‘Kizhi’ session, pronounced like ‘Kirri’, again with poultices full of herbs and healing powders dipped into hot medicinal oil and pummelled on the body.

The sanskrit writing from my Doctor is incredible, it is compulsory for them to learn this.

Today I hit some sort of a wall, a wall of fatigue, healing crisis, not emotional just tired, honoured my need for silence, alone time and caring for my body temple.

Whew what a journey. It will come to completion Sunday 27th November which is not quite 30 days, however after consultation with my doctor this is what she prescribed.

As I am predominatly Vata and Pita, the learning for me has been:

Excerpts from Prakriti, Your Ayuverdic Constitution, Dr Robert Svoboda, ISBN

81-208-1840 -7

“Pure Vata people do best in hot, humid climates and find frigid climates almost unbearable.’

“If you want to exercise your mental faculties you could adapt yourself to whatever environment you found yourself in, experiencing people of all sorts and styles, maintaining under all circumstances perfect presence of mind. This would strengthen one’s fire energy within.”

In Ayuverdic Panchakarma the aim is to:

“ Remove the cause, purify to eliminate excess Doshas,

Balance the Doshas and rekindle the digestive fire

Rejuvenate, to rebuild the organism”

Choosing to undertake a cleanse programme doesn’t mean we need to be sick or unwell, preventative re-juvenation and cellular cleansing is a choice we can make if we are committed to keeping our channels clear, re-vitalising our mind, body and emotions and to regain our inner harmony and peace.

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November

Contacted my gorgeous teenager daughter today, having on of those miss my children days, and she is so in support of my journey, cannot wait to share with her, teach her ways to realign her energetic body and to practise self love in motionX Have been for morning beach walks, so energy levels good, more poultice bag herbal leaf and oil body treatments, residual toxins now been gathered in central place, with the oil enemas taking the toxins out via the stomach via the bowel movements. Amazing gentle and loving process performed by such dedicated therapists. Am in good hands, four hands massages are the norm here. Spending inner time reflecting, sleeping, writing and drawing, all part of the process to clear the channels for optimum performance on all levels of being. Namaste.

Friday 18 November

Seem to be too tired to go for the 6.30am beach walk the last two days, listening to my body as it is asking for rest. And not beating myself up in the process. Made it to yoga, wow thanks God for sending me this beautiful soul yoga teacher from Nepal, he has really taken the time to tune into my being, align with my needs and is flexible and open to adapt the yoga routine to suit what is going on for me on a day to day basis in tune with the Panchakarma Programme. He is also predominantly vata/pita so understands how my energy levels work within me and also my deep need for deep rest on a regular basis, as Vata has a lot of energy and finds it challenging to channel it and maintain a balance.

The Panchakarma today has changed to poultice bags of cotton muslin filled with special herbal powders and leaves, two therapists dip their respective bag into hot herbal water then ‘pound’ like acupressure on my body for over an hour, back and front, the bags, working now on the muscular level to release any toxins that may still be lingering there. Next step, my Ayuverdic Doctor Dr. Priya explained to me will be doing this with oil on the body and working on the bone level, releasing and pummeling toxins from the joints in the body. Dear Reader, remember this is not that I am sick with many toxins, this is an ancient programme for Every Body, best done once a year for 12, or 21 or 30 days…or of course for those suffering from diseases and illness or even cancer patients.

When we wake up in the morning if we do not connect fully with self how can we start our day in divine flow with mother nature’s support?

Life is about connecting to nature and OUR OWN NATURE.

Saturday 19 November

Was feeling very emotional when I awoke at 5am, crying and felt I am on a huge transition and (yet another!) clearing of some kind. Living it totality and accepting all parts of Self, this too is part of me, and so I allowed myself to cry and simply lie still in bed and rest before going to 8am yoga. Syncronicity has it that a dear amazing friend I have met, called Morris, who also brings through galactical light codes and paints his spiritual paintings, started to message me tuning in to what was going on for me. We need our tribe, we need support, and most of all to be open, honest, raw and real. His words and sharing helped to shift my energy from where I was at to where I wanted to be for this beautiful day approaching. No hiding away, no shame, no nothing.

preprepared poutice bags and hot oil aligned to my dosha imbalances   

preprepared poutice bags and hot oil aligned to my dosha imbalances


Yoga was great and then off to an amazing session of Panchakarma today with poultice bags with instilled herbs and put into hot preprepared oil, according to my doshas, and pummeled over my body for over an hour by my two young and energetic therapists. Then my first oil enema. So this process now is to bring any residual toxins to the central place, from the feet upwards and upper body downward movements, to my stomach area, then the oil from the enema reaches up into the stomach and lovingly takes these toxins with it and expels it through the anus. My preconceived notion, which it pays not to have of course, was that Panchakarma was going to be ‘tough’ and heavy and challenging for the body. In fact, what I am learning now and experiencing first hand is that the programme is designed so well that it’s a loving and gentle process to naturally rebalance the body on all levels, not harsh, and done according to what dosha’s need balancing out, settling. In Ayuverda the digestive system is number one, if we need more digestive fire then the special treatments and liquid tonics do this, in my case my digestive fire is low so that’s what we are working with. Nutrition plan is given, and importance put on eating something small when hungry, not to let the body suffer from hunger, and equally to be mindful and conscious of eating from the foods that relate directly to our dosha’s. For me warm food, warm drinks, ginger, garlic for example are all beneficial for me. Nothing cold, too spicy, no wheat, dairy products, meat at this point, ice in drinks, etc .

In basic terms the dosha’s are as follows, of course there is more detail to this:


Vata, which is the principle of kinetic energy in the body, is mainly concerned with the nervous system, and controls all body movement.

Kapha, the principle of potential energy, controls body stability and lubrication.

Pitta, controls the the body’s balance of kinetic and potential energies.

All of pitta’s processes involve digestion or ‘cooking’ even if it’s the cooking of thoughts into theories in the mind. The enzymatic and endocrine system are Pitta’s main field of activity.

the Ayuverdic doctor determines our dosha imbalance by using the pulse on the wrist method as well as their many years of training and experience. They then set up a tailormade programme, taking also into consideration the client's personal goals and intentions X love it!!!

So very basically, when one or more of our predominant dosha's are out of balance, it affects us on all levels. the aim is to achieve balance and harmony again, internal and external consciousness.


SELF LOVE IN MOTION - As healers, speakers, change makers, entrepreneurs, we especially need to take quality time out for self care and honouring our body temple, so we can re fuel, re calibrate and giving to ourselves first allows us to then give authentically to others in our full strength and with an abundance of love and light.

I love these two beautiful souls so much.
These two souls see me stark naked DAILY.
They rejoice in my progress, hug me when the going gets tough.
They experience me as i am, my daily ups and downs, one day tears the next day bliss, all part of the cleansing and releasing.
They love me too, they told me so in their limited English X
They work long hours, tirelessly, selfless and with dedication and love, very experienced and so humble.
We are all ONE
They are my two main daily therapists giving me the long daily treatments as part of my 30 Day Traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma Programme here at the source, in Kerala area, South India. this is my SELF LOVE IN MOTION, clearing all pathways, balancing out my doshas, all to be able to not only shine and feel amazing, to be ready for more humanitarian work, to bring through channelling and scriptures that are vital for New Earth and it's people.

my wonderful dedicated care team with Dr Priya in the centre and her therapists

my wonderful dedicated care team with Dr Priya in the centre and her therapists


Wednesday 16 November & Thursday 17 November

Had freshly prepared Ayuverdic medicine given to me at 6am this morning to start bowel clearings, for next part of the cleansing process. Wow that tasted pretty astringent! still managed to get to yoga at 8am and then followed on my the Panchakarma Treatments.

Feeling overall great, clear and light which is magic!!!

The afternoons were spent writing for my book resting and lying low to allow my body to assimilate everything. Same for Thursday. I have taken some tech time off electronics which feels great too. An ocean walk yesterday evening was very refreshing.

,The yoga teacher is from Nepal and he gave me a wonderful book to read called Prakritii, 'Your Ayuverdic Constitution' An excerpt from the book as follows:

'Individual balance or harmony has a vertical dimension that is the dynamic interplay of the individual's body, mind and spirit; its horizonal dimension is the equilibrium between the individual and his or her environment. Your physical body must be in balance with nature, your mind must be in harmony with the group-mind of the society or group you live in, and your soul must be a satisfying relationship with the Universal Soul if you are to be truly healthy."


Tuesday 15 November

Well either i am feeling the energetic effects of the Super full moon or then i am just plain tired from this Panchakarma Programme which takes all my energy, feeling dizzy also. So no yoga this morning, as the issue with the Indian Government withdrawing all the 1,000 and 500 notes has seen most locals and travellers with money cash flow issues...we have these notes but can no longer use them, from one day to the next, incredible. Apparently it's to stop money laundering activities in India, however a crazy situation at banks now and ATM's. So a lady staying here at Shiva Gardens and i took a rickshaw into Varkula Township to stand at the gated door of the Bank of India and wait for 2 hours until the bank opened so we were first up, needing to be back for Panchakarma by 11am. Well, that was an experience, queues formed already shortly after our arrival and when the bank finally opened the queues shifted into one for women and one for men apparently that's how it goes...and the women physically pushed us to try and take our space. The maximum we could change in one day from old notes to new ones was 4,500 which is not that much. It showed us a real live situation of desperation from people in mass when changes like this occur. We were given wads of small notes, there was no choice!  The experience left me a big jagged, especially feeling heightened sensitivity due to the cleansing programme, oh well, another travel encounter. We got back to Shiva Garden then it was off to treatments. Spent some down time in the afternoon at the cliff and with a dear yoga teacher friend Shirin. Then an early night. Some lower abdomen cramps have liquid medicines for that. Part of the cleansing process.


Monday 14 November


This SUPERMOON is extra special… as our Full Moon hasn’t come this close to Earth since January 26, 1948 AND won’t come this close again until the Full Moon of November 25, 2034.

During the TAURUS FULL MOON, the moon is reflecting the light of the SUN in SCORPIO.

What a combination of energy this full moon….and what a brilliant time to really reflect on how you FEEL about your life.

What are you being stubborn about and holding onto (yes we can all explain away WHY we have to hold onto things, and deny the truth of a situation)… but how does holding onto that energy/circumstance really make you FEEL.  AND what would it FEEL like if you let go of it ?

What a great full moon energy to own the parts of you causing pain and then transform it into something in alignment with your HEART/Soul.

Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Taurus (Earth) – Patient, pleasure-loving, material, determined, conservative
Scorpio ( Water) – Passionate, emotional, willpower, psychic, determined

Feeling my physical strength building from the daily stringent yoga, loving this more and more, love yoga anyway as a part of my life style design, however have been a bit of a rebel with the one on one lessons with the male yoga teacher, i want to bring in more fluidity and fun, however they are doing their best and i honour that, keep in mind that yin yoga or kundalini is my favourite so will get back into that once in Bali or New Zealand again. Another day of powder massaging today, oil massage, head massage, steam bath, beach walk, time for some writing and no doubt meditating on this very auspicious full moon rising.

Some valuable information on traditional ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatment programmes:

Panchakarma, a therapy for achieving balance in body, mind and consciousness

Ayurveda is more than a system of healing - it is a science and art of living that helps us to achieve health and longevity. It emphasizes on preventative and healing therapies along with various methods of purification and rejuvenation. Panchakarma is an integral part of Ayurveda which helps achieve a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness through detoxification and rejuvenation.

What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is a set of five therapies designed mainly for cleansing the body of toxins. Ayurveda considers that the purification of the body is important before the commencement of any other therapy. Just such as old dirty linen is washed and purified before new colour can be added, similarly the body needs to be purified before replenishing it with the new colours of health, youthfulness, vigour and vitality.

Basic Principles

The process of Panchakarma generally starts with two sets of therapies: Oleation and Fomentation.


Oleation involves application of oil or oily substance on the body. Ayurveda offers a variety of oils prepared from various herbal and mineral ingredients mainly for external use. Apart from oils and ghee used particularly for internal application. The fatty substance acts as an effective medium, manages to reach the deeper tissues, helps in carrying the medicinal ingredients to every cell of the body and loosen up toxins stuck in the cells.


The therapies that generate sweat are called fomentation therapies. Oleation therapies are generally followed by fomentation therapies. The tissues made soft by oleation therapies become more flexible by subsequent fomentation. Deep-rooted toxins loosened by oleation liquefy due to fomentation and help it to flush out of the body.


Sunday 13 November

Whew, tired today from the treatments, need to really slow down and honour this journey, it's full moon very soon and this is causing some interrupted sleep for me. Slow down, breathe, breathe. Day two of powder massages today, with morning yoga, will be enough for me today.

Sharing in the women's circle on Friday evening was awe inspiring, almost 30 women came together from so many different backgrounds and cultures, from United Airline hostesses to an Indian Ayuverdic doctor, to a yoga teacher, to Russian travellers. Wow, the deep sharing was the ultimate, felt blessed to be able to build up such a level of rapport, trust and openess within a 3 hour circle.

The opportunity to share with other women, from the heart, in a sacred women's circle was so powerful and inspiring for us all

The opportunity to share with other women, from the heart, in a sacred women's circle was so powerful and inspiring for us all



Saturday 12 November

Early morning walk, last night shared an Agnihotra fire ceremony and with two other lovely goddesses we held space for a Sacred Women's Circle. Was a heart filled evening. Today i receive the first Ayurvedic Stomach medicine treatment, as well as a weight management powder massage. The morning yoga man has finally understood my needs and so our session today was really awesome.

my quote for the day:

 "If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another. The universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, and action that you experience."

 - Deepak Chopra.



Friday 11 November

Auspicious day for many reasons. Thanks to the sound healing I slept until 6am, my body felt relaxed and heavy so I gave myself permission not to go on my 6.30am walk to the beach, rather simply to give in to my body. Each day I am feeling more connected with all my body parts, can look in the mirror and today am staying to inner child, of around 4 years old, hello I love you Bascha. This feels good.

Today is my first day on powder massages, for the next 5 days or so. A concoction of special herbs in powder form are scrubbed and rubbed onto my entire body by 4 hands, two beautiful Indian woman, with much care and love, supporting my journey and path here.

I have been facing my own levels of full vulnerability, to strip off fully naked, being with these female therapists for over 2 hours each day for a month, as they massage and move their hands over my body. Afterwards they wash me, making one bucket of warm water (luxury here!) last for washing my hair, all my body parts, washing off the powders and scrubs as well. Their towels consist of a small hand towel sized muslin cloth only and somehow they manage to towel dry my hair, dry my whole body even my feet with this one muslin cloth, amazing experience.

This afternoon I am resting. Then with 3 beautiful soul sisters together, we are preparing for and holding a Sacred Women’s circle, with Agnihotra fire ceremony to begin with, followed by a relaxed yet well designed programme with kirtan, singing, sharing, invocations and more…Starting at 5pm until around 8pm. Giving back feels nourishing and makes my heart sing.

Thursday 10 November

Shaky start today, woke up at 3am feeling very emotional and could not get back to sleep, toxins are rising to the surface, acceptance that this too shall pass helps. These are healing crisis as part of deep cleansing, cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual. How to manage it? What I learnt from Osho’s teachings was to be in totality with all emotions that come up, welling up in our consciousness. BE with them, embrace them, welcome them, not ‘try’ to get rid of them, they too are part of us, the more we can shift into full acceptance and bring a movement of e-motion – releasing via sound, or listening to music or writing or stomping our feet on the floor or simply lying in a fetal position and crying our heart out, the sooner this dissolves and releases energetically. Sometimes easier said than done, honour our vulnerability, our humanness as well as our God Self, whatever or whomever we perceive that to be.

Today was the last day of the hot water, infused with ancient herbal remedies, brewed over weeks to prepare, to be poured by two therapists, in unison, over my body, for over one hour. These sessions, 5 days long, began with an ritual oil head and shoulder massage, then the water as hot as possible to now start releasing all toxins that has been softened up by the previous oil massages before, and steam bath afterwards.

Thursday 10 November

Woke really early, seem to be up at what i call god time, ie 4am, when i can hear the birds and crickets outside, yet all else is still quiet. Spent last night co creating a sacred women's circle for this Friday evening, a way to unite the many cultures here, share Agnihotra fire ceremony with them, with music deep intimate conversing, and sound healing. Today i also celebrate continuing to receive from the wonderful Indian female therapists performing the ancient oil therapies for this Ayurvedic journey. Still processing the news yesterday that Donald Trump has become USA's new president...and that 5 ISIS cells found in Germany and that Germany is on high alert for a terrorist attack. Wild times and i do hold a big space of love, over fear, for what is upon us all at this time. What a crazy world we live in , and at the same time the opportunities for creating the New Earth and coming together in peace and love and brotherhood/sisterhood.

One of my beautiful ayurvedic therapists, just after a deep oil massage where we are literally bathing in oil.   

One of my beautiful ayurvedic therapists, just after a deep oil massage where we are literally bathing in oil.





Wednesday 9 November

Feeling tired and building in more rest time today, my programme keeps me on a strict time schedule until 1pm each day, then i make use of the pool for more excercise and also to catch up on business work on my laptop. Have connected with an awesome New Zealand born lady, now living in Australia, who is here staying at the same accommodation as i am. She's into sound healing and we have been totally in flow with each other and one other musician doing improv. light language - sound (tibetan bowls, flute, viola) and using Garageband programme to record this and she has the skillset to be able to cut, edit and master our unique high frequency healing songs! This is a vision i have held for about 2 years now and it has come to being. We are a dream team co creating much needed high calibration music for humanity, this is a welcome balance to the rejuvenation Ayurveda programme. The balancing of yin and yang! We also 'escaped' from our homestay setting and usual daily routine and took a rickshaw and off we went to the local Varkala Township. We explored the bustling street of market vendor, for fresh fruit, found fresh coconuts to drink, pharmacy for vitamen B products, bindis and henna ink so we can adorn our hands with self crafted artwork! Yes, girly time. Back to base for my bland meal of steamed vegetables. Awesome day

Fun girly time in Varkala Township

Fun girly time in Varkala Township


Tuesday 8 November

A full day programme today, what was poignant today for me was how i experienced being triggered by my yoga teacher. Yes, i am grateful that i am being taught one on one in a private setting. However, the way this man teaches is incredibly rigid with absolute perfection in every moment, milimetre perfection. And i get that too. My response, which could be heightened due to doing this cleansing programme, is that i observed him as the controlling man, expecting me to follow him absolutely down to the last minute movement, even though i had clearly told him kindly that i am not here to become a yoga teacher, i am here to continue my practise for flexibility in body movement, enjoy my practise and yes, learn more in a fun way. i realised that he bought up for me a father figure, or an architype of man that has featured in my life a lot. And i was out to rebel against that. So i found my physical body stiffening instead of being more in fluidity. I am being with this fully and observing my reactions to this. i stand for honesty and openness, however when i shared with my yoga teacher about 'could we please ease up a bit on the seriousness of our lessons together' it didn't seem to reach him or he was unable to offer me that, this again bought up patterns i have experienced in my life to date. Nevertheless, i can now do perfect sun salutations according the Nirvana Yoga Programme and that is something new learnt. i am glad i came here with no expections!!!


Monday 7 November

Today has been a loving intention to honour my divine feminine within me as well as having touching conversations with other women here and hearing their challenges and life stories around wishing to relax more, connect deeper with their divine feminine their yin side, as they are finding their day's too exhausting, a struggle and a deep longing for more play and gentleness in their life's. We are the cause of the matter, so it's up to us to honour our body temple, our beingness in our femininess - this is what has been important to me today. My Panchkarma treatment was very intense today, with hot herb and healing spice infused liquid being poured gently over my entire body back and front, continuously with two therapists, for over one hour, this is to clear the body of any water retention, dross or density. Then a hot oil massage, head massage and by the end of that i was done and dusted. Programme started in the morning with yoga, then treatment, then rest, then salad for lunch, then swimming, then walking aaaaah and now an early night. Loving the balmy nights here, lovely company from fellow travellers and i am doing my best to remain in my womb like incubation and not get too distracted!! The incubation is for creation, co creation and life design for 2017, exciting times ahead.

Sharing with you my contemplations around today's thread of yin energy within us

Practice allowing. Whether you call it the Law of Attraction, manifesting or creating magic, get into your feminine energy by practicing submission and passivity when it comes to things that you desire. This is one of those areas that calls for a balance of both masculine and feminine in order to work. Hard work and strenuous mental and physical effort to accomplish a goal is an idea that we are culturally very comfortable with, and one of the biggest critiques of the Law of Attraction is that it advocates a passive approach to achieving desires and goals. The masculine energy propels us to take direct action to achieve, and the feminine energy is needed in order to stay detached from outcomes, listen to our inner voice, and be aware of opportunities when they are presented to us. If your goal is a destination, think of the feminine as a map, and the masculine as a car. You need both to get to where you want to go.

Move. Dance, yoga, tai chi, any movement that is non-competitive will conjure and welcome feminine energy into your being. This will also activate your sacral chakra,  which is connected to creativity, sex, passion and pleasure.-Meditate. A regular meditation practice can increase our compassion for others. Creating a space for silence also helps to strengthen our intuition.

Ask for help. From men, from women. From the female ancestors who watch over us now. Form a practice of asking and receiving.

Practice loving someone without condition. Forgive and see each person you encounter as a mirror, reflecting either an area of yourself that is growing, or that needs attention.


embrace our divine feminine, goddess energy, the sensual and the loving BALI image,not India!

embrace our divine feminine, goddess energy, the sensual and the loving BALI image,not India!




Sunday 6 November

“The vision, the burning desire is something we earn. I believe persistence comes from the vision, and that vision originates from the surrendering of ego, through our sincere and selfless contribution. That vision or clear dream is what keeps us going. Our passion about something is the key to our inner strength, that passion will always be stronger than all the excuses that we establish ourselves for not doing things. I believe that worshipping people is a destructive form of insecurity. We are all masters and disciples at many different levels.”

Writing this journal entry at the end of the day, so reflecting back on what has been a full day, starting with meditation on the roof deck yoga Shala here at Shiva Garden Homestay. I have specifically chosen to go grassroots here in India, to embrace the local people and their culture, the source of Ayurveda and meet also with international travelers.

My treatments change today to being hot herbal mixture poured over the whole body for one hour by two therapists, followed by oil massage and reflexology on feet. This will go on for 5 days, with focus on daily yoga, swimming and walking. Was resistant to doing yoga alone with the teacher, as I love doing yoga in a group setting however I got it today that this is a great gift to learn Nirvana Yoga from an experienced teacher step by step. Even though it’s pretty serious and intense, after one month I would not need to do a lot more to qualify as a Nirvana Yoga Teacher, so that I could finish off next trip to India. I was so on a roll that I went to another yoga class in the evening down the road and we had so much funX

The magical flow of the slip stream - align to this   

The magical flow of the slip stream - align to this


Saturday 5 November

Whew day 3 of the hot oil 4 hands massages, daily morning yoga and walks, in between working from my computer. Feeling results already, taking quality time out to recalibrate is true soul food and incredibly nourishing on all levels.

The international youth that are staying here where I have my small apartment are inspiring and being able to share with them and teach them ways to bring out their intuitive abilities is such a gift for me. Giving back.

Discovered more places along Varkala Cliff that also sell fresh coconuts like in Bali and there is an awesome guy from Nepal with a crystal store. We shared our code writings and I was enthralled to see that the downloads of symbolic codes and light language was very similar to the recorded writings of his master in Nepal. The conscious connection to Galactical consciousness is certainly as ancient as it is now rising on Planet Earth at this time. This may all sound woo woo but actually is part of the sound frequencies that have been with and surrounding mankind for eons.

In the evening, after boiled vegetables, an impromtu gathering of Petra, sound healer from Australia, Francesco a talented viola player and musician from Brazil and I got together in my room with singing bowls and various instruments and jammed. I sung light language and they both harmonized with their musical talents. We recorded 3 ‘songs’ which are high frequency pieces of music infused with healing codes and vibrations to recalibrate the listener to their magnificent self. Petra has the skills to work with our Garageband programme to cut and master the music intro finished form. What a team has shown up. Letting go allows for so much magic to open up. Went to bed this night feeling full of love for humanity.


WOW this was an awesome Hatha yoga lesson with this master

WOW this was an awesome Hatha yoga lesson with this master