hi, im bascha,

Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Energy Medium and Property Alchemist.

As a Visionary, Wisdom Keeper, and Transformation Catalyst, Bascha has a unique gift to ‘see’ what’s missing or what’s needed for individuals and the group ‘Fields’ they move in.

She facilitates with great love and integrity, diving deep into the multi-dimensional realms of the morphogenic Energy Field to bring invisible ancestral entanglements to light, allowing for re-alignment of the matrix. Her focus at this time is also to assist those transitioning to the New Earth energies, re-membering and re-calibrating to who they authentically are as consciousness expands.

We are all wired for growth and expansion!

Bascha has spent 25 years traveling internationally facilitating Family Constellation Work, training and working alongside renowned Indigenous Elders, Leaders in Consciousness and Sharmanic Practitioners. She places great value also on rich life experiences and intuitive wisdom. As an Energy Medicine Woman, she is often called to the land, to the people, where alchemic shifts and healing are needed.

Bascha has been described as:

"A very special women combing wisdom, spirituality, empathy and business acumen,while at the same time grounded in reality." 



“Bascha was gifted with intuitive abilities since birth. As a child growing up she however suppressed her gift, as her level of awareness and deep knowingness made her feel ‘different’ and was not called for in the school system. So, she strived academically and sailed her way through to university. Studying linguistics, anthropology/kinship and psychology were her favourite subjects. She had no idea at the time that these areas of study were enriching preparation for her leading role in Systemic Constellation Work down the track.

It took two near death experiences, a serious car accident, which left her with years of self-healing to recover, and experiences of medical intuitive data gifted to her while dressing her models during her career as an award winning fashion designer…TO finally surrender to her true life’s purpose and deep inner calling. At 25, she then formally left the world of fashion, embarked on a self-development and healing journey which took her all over the world, training and working alongside her Teachers which included Sharmanic Practitioners, Leaders in the Field of Energy Work, Tribal Elders, Reiki Masters and Past Life Regressionists. 

By releasing and ‘working’ through the layers of Self, trans-generationally, accepting her shadow sides and all that she is as she is, she found herself doing a complete 360, coming ‘home’ to herself fully, stepping forward into her own personal power, her authentic self and following her mission to activate, teach, mentor and guide other’s to step fully into their magnificent Self. She is a firm believer that by surrendering to authenticity as well as taking inspired action, everyone can live a life with ease, joy and from love.

The base model she uses in her workshops is the Yin / Yang concept, which strives for balance and integration of the feminine and masculine energies within each person, leading to wholeness, wellness and success on all levels of being.

Bascha balances out the creative intuitive side of her with her passion for land and property, investing and consulting as a property alchemist for over 30 years now. This attributes to her business acumen as a successful entrepreneur, and also Global Leader and Visionary, in the Field of Energy Medicine, Heart Intelligence, Systemic (NEW Family) Constellation Work (Epigenetics), and Sound Healing.”



·  Usada Traditional healing Certification, Bali, Indonesia

·      Tapa Brata Health Meditation Certification, Indonesia

·      Energy Medium/Reader/Channeller – gifted from birth, further training in Mediumship Circles, Light Language Channel/Activator

· Cert. NLP Practioner· Feng Shui, Intermediate

·      Event Organiser for past 30 years

·      Voice Professional, 12 years – recordings for DVD’s sold globally

·      Reg Reiki Master Teacher and       Practitioner

·      Certified Hellinger Sciencia              Family/Systemic Constellation Master Facilitator/Trainer

·      Official Interpreter/written translator from German to English language for Bert and Sophie Hellinger (Founder of Hellinger Sciencia ‘The Science of  Love’,

     Family/Systemic Constellations, Cosmic Power) for 12 years on the International Circuit, working and visiting many countries, large audience (1,700) work globally

·      Ongoing Studies completed in Heart  Intelligence and Raising Consciousness

·      Energy Worker & Self-Healing Activator

·      NZ Rongoa Maori Training Course, Stage 1, Cassandra Stark, Mt Ruapehu

·      Spiritual Painting and Visonary Art – with famous Balinese artist Nyoman Suarsa, Ubud,Bali

·      Movement Meditation Facilitator, creator of Alchemy in Motion, Transformational Movement Meditation, available in CD/mp3 formats

·      Sound Healing Training to Initiation Level, under Karina Shelde’s SoulVoice International Training Progamme

·      Remote Viewing of land, property psychic – continuously trained and lead by spirit, gift since birth.

·      Spiritual Development Course 1, with International NZ Psychic Sue Nicholson

·      Medical Intuitive Training 1 with        Certification,Tina Zion (USA)

·      Past Life Regression Hypnosis        Certification,According to Delores Cannon (USA)

Festival workshop presentations:

Prana Festival, Earthbeat, Voices of the Sacred Earth, Eden Festival, Return to Eden Festival.


My mission is to inspire and self-empower you to align to your soul purpose, take inspired action and live authentically with ease, joy, and love!



‘Learn how to see.
Realize that everything connects to everything else
Leonardo DaVinci




Opening ceromany "voices of the scared earth 2016"

Opening ceromany "voices of the scared earth 2016"