”I was ready to walk out of my marriage and a constellation was my last ditch attempt to work on our issues. I am deeply grateful to you Bascha – by honouring family fates we were entangled in, we now view our relationship in a totally different way, its magic! ”   

Rachel M


”My son, suffering from drug addiction, was not willing to be present at any therapy groups. As his mother, I set up our family constellation and not only did I understand the causes of his addiction, he actually turned the corner on his problems 4 months after the workshop – this process is mind-blowing and is beneficial for ALL.”    

Sandra B


”I could never have imagined that my issues around money and wealth creation had anything to do with my great great grandfather! Setting up this constellation and moving it through to a positive resolution has totally shifted my perception not only of issue, but of how we are spreading healing to all our family members at the same time.”

Max R


Amazing that a few hours of group activity have changed my thoughts and feelings. As a result I am experiencing the healing of a long lasting disease and I am now free from medication, to life a full, pain-free life.

Dorothy P


It was a great pleasure to have met you yesterday. I was really impressed by your professional practice in the energy field. Thank you again for the wonderful time we experienced together and I hope that we could keep in touch in the short coming future. Best wishes and enjoy yourself in China. Cheers!~
Sincerely yours,
JOJO, Hong kong


Bascha?s Reiki helps me with my back issues and with gaining clearer inner-vision. Plus, her intuition is very strong and she provides practical messages. I am definitely continuing my sessions with her.    

Rachel W


What a gift – Bascha?s remote healings ?touch? me all the way over in Germany – my migraine headaches are no longer!

 Hilde W.


It was my first time having a reading and I was a bit hesitant. However, I instantly felt at ease with Bascha and her messages confirmed so much for me about my deceased father that I feel so much more at peace now.

Tony W.


‘The reading was wonderfully informative and affirming – and entertaining. Loved his sense of humour. ‘
B.R Eastbourne


I experienced a healing session with Bascha involving meditation, spirit reading and working through emotional issues. Bascha is a very special woman combining wisdom, spirituality and empathy but at the same time grounded in reality. She has been in close contact with me beyond our session and I have enjoyed her loving support in my ongoing process of emotional/spiritual healing and understanding. 

Kristina S


Hi Bascha,
I just wanted to say thank you for the time you gave me yesterday. The reading was incredibly helpful and I have been moved by it. I appreciate your gift and honour you for accepting your contract to do this work in this lifetime.
Many blessings,
Michelle B, Sunshine Coast, Australia


I was on holiday in New Zealand, 2007, and frantically looking for a place to stay on Good Friday in Hanmer Springs – I had almost given up and thought I would have to sleep in the car when I stumbled on Albergo Hanmer Lodge around 8p.m.
I met Bascha in the morning and she was dashing out to Christchurch for a course but we chatted quickly and had lots in common; as she was walking out of the door she mentioned she did readings – I tried desperately for her to delay her departure to Christchurch but of course she couldn’t so I said “I have to come back” and made an appointment the following week – I was on my way to stay with friends in Nelson, so I drove all the way back and stayed another night. I had a reading which must have lasted around 1 1/2 hours and everything she said was amazingly accurate.  I was living in Cyprus and wondering whether it was the place for me – it was but I was hoping to meet someone to share my lovely villa and lifestyle with – she said she could see someone to do with sports in white (I mentioned cricket as most other sports you can wear coloured clothing).  I was basically waiting for a knight in shining armour.

I had been out with a number of guys but always got bored after around six weeks.  A couple of years ago I was in the UK as my mother had a hip operation – an anti-dislocation device as her hip kept popping out. She ended up having to go back into hospital for a while as she caught an infection; during this time my second cousin and his wife invited me out for a drink before I was going to a bbq and they are members of a sports club (formerly known as the Southport and Birkdale Cricket Club) – my cousin beckoned over an old flame of mine from 30 years ago who had just been playing racketball – we had a quick chat before his beer was calling him….  a couple of days later he called and asked if I’d like to go for a drink to cheer me up while my Mum was in hospital – the rest is history and he is now over here in Cyprus living with me – so Bascha was right !
I had issued with my mother also which she sorted out for me and many other things.  I am now running a clothes agency and my life is going really well.
Maggie Wright, UK


‘Bascha’s phone reading was amazing, it was as if I was in the room with her. Even her Irish spirit guide’s accent came through clearly over the phone and my recording was pitch perfect! Everything that came through my reading was 100 percent accurate and there was no way Bascha could have read my facial expressions or tone of voice to generate answers.
She is the real deal, no con!”
Thanks again
Tash, Perth, Australia


‘Thank you ,what a wonderful workshop , THANK YOU for being you and all the little thoughtful touches , food, tablecloths ,etc.’
C. Lewis, Napier


You and Michael have a great weekend with your work shop.Love and light to you both.By the way, you both make a great team. I did enjoy Wednesday night
Michael Thorn


I am happy and excited to be attending!! yay. You and Michael did a great job last night.See you in the weekend.Lisa, Lower Hutt

 Emma wrote: “I was blown away at the introduction last night. Was great watching Bascha Meier and Michael Bradford work with each other – what a team. Thank you, can’t wait for the weekend!! xx”  facebook comment


Greetings Bascha
I would like to book in for the 10th March Lightworkers forum.  They are always so fabulous!  Elena was amazing.  My gratitude to you for following your heart and organising us all into a gathering
Many thanks
Anne P, Wellington


Hi Bascha
Just wanted to say what a beautiful job you are doing.  I am loving the events you are creating.  Fabulous.  Truly.
I can’t make this one because we are visiting the UK for a few weeks from the 8th, but I do look forward to your future events.
Have fun!
With love and many blessings,
Sue Barley


I had an amazing time at the forum, it was really great to see so many lightworkers out there!  I especially loved the dimensional exercise and just didn’t want to come back to earth again I felt I was in my Mohnad.  I felt some deep soul connections and will try to come to some more of your events, thank you for making it possible.
Love and Light
Sue McCannon, Nelson


I’m the girl that kept bagging you about your CD, we’ve met on Family Constellations Seminar in Germany.
I hope you remember me still :).
I just wanted to tell you that I love you CD, have been dancing and meditating at the same time to it’s sound already by myself! :)
And I’m slowly coming down now after the whole experience of this amazing seminar!
I’m sending you my LOVE from Vienna and I hope that our paths will cross some day again!
Love Auriela T., Salzburg, Austria


I absolutely love my copy of Alchemy in Motion – it has served me well! I recommend it to all. You can simply just listen but if you’re game enough I totally recommend blindfolding yourself and letting yourself go – so much fun! Thanks Bascha for introducing me to movement meditation and creating this masterpiece for release xx
Emma O’Callaghan Wellington


We sat together on a flight returning from Hong Kong last year and I’m  assuming that’s how I got this email. And how wonderful to see you channelling! I am leaving in 2 weeks to do an 800km pilgrimage across Spain and take your messages with me. Such brilliant timing. I wish you well and wish you much love in delivering your message and hope our paths cross again in the future.
Keep up your good and brilliant work xx
Karen Murray, Auckland


Hi Bascha,
I listened to your podcast last night and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next one ;)
Melanie R. , Wellington


I wanted to tell you I listened to your channeling of Lamerack ( Irish?) and it was so helpful. Making sense of all the upheaval in the world is not easy, even as we see the rise and spread of spiritual concepts like One-ness and Unity.
C. Magner, Christchurch, NZ