Since a very young age, I have been a bridge builder of consciousness between the seen and the unseen worlds, and can journey through multi-dimensional realms.

As a renowned and reputable Energy Medium, I have been conducting professional readings for over 25 years now, with clients from all over the world seeking out clarity, guidance, inspiration, closure and direction. All readings are recorded.

Men and women alike are drawn to me for spiritual perspectives on personal, life, health, business, real estate and many other issues. I work in a fully surrendered state, so a reading may include a medical intuitive body scan, life coaching, bringing through of a deceased loved one or/and past life’s that are most appropriate for the particular session – whatever is for the highest good for my client at that time.

Remote viewing of land, property, houses and scanning Energy Fields comes naturally to me. This is done in utmost confidentiality, integrity and with prior permission of the client(s).

I specialise in assisting my client’s to align to their soul purpose, receive transmissions and activations needed for their awakening and conscious living processes. In these sessions, a personalized Light Language attunement is included.

Depending on what the client may wish to work on, an hour consult can be tailored to run as a part reading as introduction to highlight the main root cause of the burning issues, then the second half of the reading as a private Source Constellation to release any inherited ancestral blockages>.

My connection to Galatical Consciousness has become of paramount interest from client’s over the past few years, as enquiry into planetary lives, UFO landing sites and personal experiences of visiting Aliens has prompted clients to seek out consultations with me regarding this phenomena. My alliance with High Priestesses from the planetary lives of Orion, Sirian and Lemurian allow for the divine feminine initiations.

Over the years, my natural gift for clairvoyancy, clairaudience, clairsentience and psychometry has also been heightened with various mediumship circle involvement, platform mediumship and also the awakening of trance channelling.

There is the option to confer with Lamerack, a witty South Irish accented prophet that I bring through, who has incredible ancient wisdom for modern

times. He has very loving energies yet is also cut to the chase, direct and clear on matters at hand.

Join me for a personal reading in the comfort of my healing room wherever I am at the time or sessions can be booked via skype, phone, email.

Experience spirit communication during my readings and discover a greater Awareness of Self that will lead to clarity and shifts in perception, creating a deeper sense of inner peace and authentic success on all levels.

“It was my first time having a reading and I was a bit hesitant. However, I instantly felt at ease with Bascha and her accurate messages confirmed so much for me about my deceased father that I feel so much more at peace now.
Tony W.”

“‘Bascha’s phone reading was amazing, it was as if I was in the room with her. Even her Irish spirit guide’s accent came through clearly over the phone and my recording was pitch perfect! Everything that came through my reading was 100 percent accurate and there was no way Bascha could have read my facial expressions or tone of voice to generate answers. She is the real deal, no con!” Thanks again
Tash, Perth, Australia”