We, like all things, are made up of vibration. Contemporary studies into the structure of the human energy field hold great possibilities for authentic success in business and personal life.

Bascha possesses the rare ability to tune in to the hidden information contained within our hearts and familial lineages. She empowers her clients to discover and unleash their highest potential! 

SOURCE CONSTELLATIONS (NEW Family Constellations, using the Hellinger Sciencia approach) are a method for revealing and re-aligning hidden loyalties in family, business, or other kinds of tightly bonded groups.

They offer us an extraordinary insight into our interdependence by providing a context that reaches back to our roots.

Constellations are a loving gift from generations past and a cutting-edge confirmation of the newest discoveries in Epigenetics and Psychoneuroimmunology.

A Constellation is a remarkable process for working simply and effectively with multiple and complex inter-relationships across different systems (including families and organisations), and for calibrating interventions at different points of a system in a way that respects the whole organisation as well as its constituent parts in a way that we normally never get to do as consultants and coaches.


Without realising it, people often re-enact patterns that originate in the past rather than in the events of this lifetime.

 Unrecognised ancestral traumas breed relationship, health, business, financial, health and family issues, that defy repeated attempts to transform them.

THROUGH experiential workshops or private consults with Bascha you will discover the hidden mysteries in your family structure or current dilemma that may be stopping you from leading YOUR OWN fulfilled life.

 YOUR constellation will give you a fresh perspective of your issue and the people involved. It may change the way you look at your situation, leading to a PROFOUND shift on a cellular and soul level in your life's experience.

 With the speeding up of consciousness, these shifts do not need to take years...can happen in a split second of a shift within the energy matrix.

 BY restoring the 'ORDERS OF LOVE' a deep shift often occurs in your soul and your Family System's collective consciousness.

Bascha is an International Master Facilitator and has integrated this work into every fibre of her. She is clear and concise, and there is a grace about how she moves in and out of the field.

She connects you to the alchemical Energy Field in a way that allows you to receive the deep wisdom that resides there. She calls this expanded wisdom. She invites you in with grace, ease and willingness to share all she has discovered in her many years of holding workshops globally and working in private practice.

“The more you let go of the need to be the individual controlling the outcome,the more the field, which is self-intelligent, self-aware, self- transcendent, can move through you”

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"I was ready to walk out of my marriage and a constellation was my last ditch attempt to work on our issues. I am deeply grateful to you Bascha - by honouring family fates we were entangled in, we now view our relationship in a totally different way, it?s magic!"  Rachel M

"My son, suffering from drug addiction, was not willing to be present at any therapy groups. As his mother, I set up our family constellation and not only did I understand the causes of his addiction, he actually turned the corner on his problems 4 months after the workshop - this process is mind-blowing and is beneficial for ALL."    

Sandra B