Reiki Healing

Originated in Tibet thousands of years ago and was redeveloped in Japan in 1922. It is a safe, gentle, yet powerful natural therapy. During a session I gently position my hands over the client’s energy centers, allowing the CHI energy to flow, rebalancing chakras and activating the bodies own healing abilities. Since the energy passes through clothing, etc. there is no need to undress. Clients lie on a comfortable raised Reiki bed. Each treatment is unique and deeply relaxing! I can also send REIKI long distance to clients far away.

This state of meditative relaxation releases blockages on all levels of your being, giving relief from chronic pain, alleviating fatigue, increasing energy, slowing the ageing process, and bringing greater awareness in relationships. Very effective also for treating children with learning or behavioural difficulties, persons suffering mental health symptoms, those receiving cancer treatments. Reiki compliments all other methods of healthcare, with no side effects and can be given to family members from babies to grandparents, as well as pets and plants.

Usada Healing

is ancient method passed on from Indonesian Elders, encompassing Mind, Body & Spirit. Usada tunes into a different energetic frequency than Reiki. The Indo ritual includes a meditative body scan in a sacred space, hands-on healing then focuses on specific chakras to purge blockages. Energised water, infused with a personalised healing recipe, will be given to complete.