FULL DAY WORKSHOP – Saturday 28 May, 10am-5pm*
Spaces limited, when registering for this workshop, the Intro Evening* on Friday 27 May 7-9pm is included at no extra cost*
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Via: Emma O’Callaghan <physioemma@gmail.com>
Emma will email you all information, payment method and confirmation of participation

Your Investment:
$ 135 pp EARLYBIRD until 17 May* (Includes Friday evening Intro)
$ 155 pp after 17 May* (Includes Friday evening Intro


Welcome! Here’s your opportunity – Join Bascha Meier, International Master Constellation Facilitator and Trainer, who is passionate about sharing this ground breaking European transformational process to aligning fully to your authentic Self in all areas of your life.

Are you ready for your personal breakthrough?
Do you feel like there is some 'invisible 'force' holding you back from being yourself fully and living a happy fulfilled life?
Do you have a child with learning difficulties, or is continuously restless or rages for no apparent reason?
Do you suffer from reoccurring illness, addictions, headaches and/or accidents and wonder why?
Have you found any repeat of problem patterns in your family, relationships and workplace?
Do you feel like there is some invisible force holding you back from being yourself fully and living a fulfilled life?
Are you frequently plagued by feelings of guilt, or the inability to commit for the smallest reasons in everyday life?


Whatever issue you may wish to look deeper at during this workshop, other family members do not need to be present.
(feel free to email Bascha personally, should you have any base queries or questions before the workshop, soulcare@gmx.com)
Also the need for self-disclosure is minimal, Bascha usually asks only for minimal background information to be shared.
Each constellation set up is in effect everyone's constellation. Via the Field of Resonance, there will be shifts in perception and self-healing activations for the whole group -and their respective family system.

Without realising it, people often re-enact patterns that originate in the past rather than in the events of this lifetime.
Unrecognised ancestral traumas breed relationship, health, business, financial, health and family issues, that defy repeated attempts to transform them.

THROUGH this experiential workshop you will discover the hidden mysteries in your family structure or current dilemma that may be stopping you from leading YOUR OWN fulfilled life.

With the speeding up of consciousness, these shifts do not need to take years...can happen in a split second of a shift within the energy matrix.
Simply come with an open mind and open heart !

BY restoring the 'ORDERS OF LOVE' a deep shift often occurs in your soul and your Family System's collective consciousness.

THERE WILL BE OPPORTUNITIES to set up your OWN CONSTELLATION, whether it be a work/business or personal issue, facilitated and well held by Bascha.

YOUR constellation will give you a fresh perspective of your issue and the people involved. It may change the way you look at your situation, leading to a PROFOUND shift on a cellular and soul level in your life's experience.

Participants are frequently surprised and deeply touched when the hidden love connections and ENTANGLEMENTS within their family system come to light.
For Instance, could we ever imagine that unhappiness or health problems could be connected to a stillborn child of our maternal grandmother?

" When the truth can be seen, Healing can happen" 
Bert Hellinger (founder of Constellation work)


• Tapping into the Universal Field of Intelligence which holds all data and information trans-generationally, past life, and beyond!
• The Universal Laws governing success in all forms of relationship, especially the hidden dynamics in love/couple’s relationships
Bert Hellinger’s ‘Orders of Love’
What an ‘entanglement in our family web’ actually means
There will be opportunities to set up your own constellation
Join in powerful meditations
Experience fascinating group Energy Exercises
Meet like minded other's and realise you are NOT ALONE - often other's constellations will resonate so deeply with an aspect in your own life - and shifts your energetic grid at the same time.


Energy Medium, Constellation Facilitator, creator of COSMOS events. Gifted with heightened intuitive abilities from birth, Bascha (NZ born) has dedicated her life to sharing her insights, passing on messages from multi -dimensional realms and guiding people from root cause to resolution in both their personal and professional or business life – giving them a direct experience of heart intelligence, clarity, and quantam self healing on all levels of their being.
Her ConsciousLIFE programmes are fast gaining popularity internationally.
She has trained under, and worked alongside, renowned international leaders in the Healing Arts, like Bert Hellinger (Germany) , and she places great value on life experience and intuitive wisdom.
She has been described as: "a very special women combing wisdom, spirituality, business acumen, and empathy, while at the same time grounded in reality."