THIS IS A 2 hour experiential SAMPLER EVENING where Bascha will Introduce constellation Work in view of upcoming full day workshop in Tauranga. 

Please note this Introduction evening is open to the public, especially to those interested in experiencing the Constellation Process in view of a last minute booking for Saturday’s full day workshop – spaces are limited, Bascha’s workshops do fill fast, so if you feel drawn to joining the Saturday workshop it is recommended you book in advance.

THIS Friday evening Introduction is an integral part of Saturday’s workshop and is included at no extra cost if you register and are paid up for the full day workshop.


Via: Emma O’Callaghan  physioemma@gmail.com
$30 pp , incl tea/coffee

Are YOU ready for surprising Solutions?

Do you:
Feel stuck, at crossroads or lost?
Suffer from reoccurring ill-health or accidents?
Cannot seem to get ahead financially?
Seeking clarity of your life’s purpose?
Does your child rage for no apparent reason?

Join Bascha to discover how your personal (health, emotional) or work issues often don’t actually belong to you...
Rather, they are caused by ‘entanglements’ in your family web, often from past generations.
Experience shifts in perception and healing when you can see, you are living out symptoms belonging to someone in your ancestry...without realising it, and it has been taking a stronghold on your life.
Bascha uses the simple, yet profound European Constellation process to bring the hidden mysteries to light, with great integrity and love, works with your issue, from root cause to resolution.

Other interesting Facts:

Participants leave with a life changing deeper understanding of themselves, the Power of Love and the forces that
govern human relationships. This experiential workshop provides the opportunity to experience what makes love work in relationships. Also:
Other family members do not need to be present
The need for self-disclosure is minimal, and Bascha often works ‘silently’
Everyone in your family system receives healing

“ I could never have imagined that my issues around money had anything to do with my great grandfather! Setting up a constellation and moving it through to a positive resolution has totally shifted my perception, not only of the issue but of how we are spreading healing to all our family members at the same time” Max R, New York

Bascha Meier Bio Profile

Energy Medium, Constellation Facilitator, creator of COSMOS events. Gifted with heightened intuitive abilities from birth, Bascha (NZ born) has dedicated her life to sharing her insights, passing on messages from multi -dimensional realms and guiding people from root cause to resolution in both their personal and professional or business life – giving them a direct experience of heart intelligence, clarity, and quantam self healing on all levels of their being.
Her ConsciousLIFE programmes are fast gaining popularity internationally.
She has trained under, and worked alongside, renowned international leaders in the Healing Arts, like Bert Hellinger (Germany) , and she places great value on life experience and intuitive wisdom.
She has been described as: "a very special women combing wisdom, spirituality, business acumen, and empathy, while at the same time grounded in reality." 



AT a soul level all memebers of a family system are deeply bonded to each other in love and loyalty no matter how it may look on the surface.
The bond is an expression of the family soul.
The ‘Orders of Love’ are the structure the family dynamic must follow for the family soul to be at peace.
If there has been a deep wound to the family soul such as sudden death, suicide, loss of fortune, abortion, adoption, war etc and that wound has not been acknowledged, then the flow of love may be impeded.
Many generations later, these blockages continue to manifest in seemingly unrelated ways such as difficulties in relationship, professional problems, chronic illness, or an inability to achieve a sustained sense of wholeness no matter how much self-enquiry or spiritual growth is undertaken.
The way to dissolve these entanglements already exists within each family soul, and Constellation work simply serves as a respectful vehicle to enable this process, and is achieved without the presence of other family members.

This simple yet profound healing creates a radiating wave, serving all within the soul group and creating a deep sense of spaciousness within the individual.