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Are you passionate about discovering or achieving clarity on your life’s purpose?

  • · Creating more prosperity in your life?
  • · Creating a career or business that mirrors your passions?
  • · Improving your health & well-being
  • · Unleashing your creativity
  • · Enjoying more satisfying relationships with others?
  • · To feel supported by a global sisterhood?

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•  You’ll connect to the deeper truth of who you are and the story of your power as a creator of your life.

• You’ll discover and start living your higher purpose.

•  You’ll feel a sense of authentic confidence in your ability to attract and create the resources you need to thrive.

•  Your relationships will begin to mirror and match your true value.

•  You’ll discover how to express your gifts not for just self-expression's sake, but in ways that go on to deeply impact others.

•  You’ll begin to feel spiritually connected and attuned to your own inner compass, allowing you to develop an unshakable bond with your intuition.

• You’ll begin to show up in your life in ways that empower your family, your partner and your children.

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SOUL POWER Womens Circle's, with Bascha Meier

A thankyou to Amandala photography, Wellington

A thankyou to Amandala photography, Wellington

Do you crave ritual and/or ceremony with your community of women, but aren’t quite sure how to begin?

 I would be honoured to guide you. Have just returned from Bali, and would love to share my latest insights on rituals with you.

In my experience, coming together in Circle creates an intimacy of trust and opens great possibility for magic to happen. I have had the joy of being apart of many different gatherings, and I’ve led extraordinary gatherings....A CIRCLE IS A CONTAINER FOR MAGIC. Allow me to welcome you into mine.

Women need to sit in circles, not because we need healing, but because we need replenishment. Women need to go deep. Sitting in circle nourishes the soul. 

In this Power Field amplification the circle becomes a safe container for truth telling and sacred witnessing, healing and transformation.

This is your opportunity to bring in the beautiful feminine energy - to come just as you are and to share honestly with one another.

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