Alchemy in Motion is a gift of channelled ancient wisdom, creating sacred pathways through the seven sacred frequencies. Dancing is a moving prayer – a doorway to the healing powers of spirit.

The music will take you on a powerful inner journey into self-expression, a personal or group healing as you surrender into the ‘now’, a dynamic method for building well-being, stilling the mind, shaking up old belief tans awakening to new ways of being.

As you close your eyes and let go, a space opens up for joy and creativity to reach beyond our everyday state of awareness and awaken the true self.

Free movement stirs the soul, allowing us to absorb the rhythmic healing of the seven specially composed music tracks. Whether you choose to dance alone or in a group, this guided meditation will bring you closer to ‘One-ness’, the collective living matrix linking all to one and one to all. The more you practise the greater will be your insight, creativity and inner calm